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Geographic Targeting

Your potential customers may live around the corner, in the city or in the country. Wherever they live, you can deliver your messages and reach your audience efficiently and effectively with Effectv's geographic targeting capabilities.

Since most consumers live within 10 miles of the small businesses they visit,1 you typically get the most bang for your buck by delivering your advertising geographically.  

 We’ll help you identify the areas where your potential customers live and work, and deliver distinct messages tailored to different locations. Potential customers see the message that’s most relevant to them. Learn more about our local and regional geographic targeting solutions below.

1 Lake, Laura. “What Is Local Marketing?” The Balance Small Business. 2018 August 23. Retrieved from: https://www.thebalancesmb.com/what-is-local-marketing-4056069.

Demographic Targeting

Cable television has a rich history of reaching specific audiences and demographics. It’s a powerful tool for your business, and today the ability to focus on lifestyles and interests extends from TV to digital platforms. Our solutions are powered by proprietary planning technology, allowing you to find the right audience for measurable success.

Your local Effectv team can show you how a multiscreen advertising plan can be strategically focused on the consumers you need to reach. Check out our markets section for detailed information about your region.


Local Advertising

All brands need the right partner to thrive. Our media experts in local markets truly understand the geographic and demographic data and insights needed to help you succeed. Effectv enables local advertisers to run media campaigns that achieve broad and targeted reach, increasing their opportunity to successfully reach the right audience for their message.
We combine Comcast’s de-identified viewership data with third-party data to find groups of households that match your audience characteristics. We use this information to align your ad campaign with your target audience’s viewing habits to increase your odds of turning them into customers. 
With dozens of networks and thousands of shows, we can deliver your message in the content your desired audience watches, all day, every day. So your potential customers will see and remember your name during the programs they enjoy most.
You’re the expert when it comes to your local market, and we know how to make local advertising work for you.

Regional Advertising

Since regional brands operate on a larger scale, you need media experts who are ready to prove their impact on your business in markets that matter to you.

Effectv combines best-in-class technology with rich data and the scale to deliver your message. Reaching millions of households across the country, we can deliver video impressions across linear television, Video On Demand and digital solutions—networks, apps and websites viewed on mobile devices, computers and smart TVs.

We combine geographic and demographic targeting in entire markets and individual zones across dozens of television networks and professional-caliber, brand-safe digital video. Our team of industry experts is committed to making advanced solutions easy to execute across screens.

Reaching More of Your Audience

When you reach the right audience for your message, more is better. Effectv has the ability to deliver ads to your desired audience even if they don’t have access to Xfinity products.

Our Interconnect Plus platform (I+) expands your brand’s reach by delivering your message to audiences subscribing to television service from cable, satellite and telephone companies in a single ad buy. Cable advertising has always been an effective way to reach important audiences, and now it delivers even more of those viewers.

Audience Intelligence

By partnering with a trusted leader in the media landscape, your brand will have the opportunity to utilize commercial-level ad exposure data to more efficiently plan your media. You can go deeper than age and gender demographics, basing your media strategy on dozens of key audience attributes.

We combine anonymized, aggregated first-party data with third-party partner data to create customized audience segments that deliver your true target audience. Then we deliver a detailed post-campaign report showing exactly how your campaign delivered, and how it can be improved for future flights.

Addressable TV Advertising

Let us put household-level data to work for your advertising message to most effectively reach your desired audience. Audiences respond better to messages that are relevant to them. Our addressable TV advertising solutions give your message an advantage.

This approach to the rapidly evolving entertainment landscape is one of the many technological and strategic innovations our teams bring to a working relationship with you.

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Growing your business is easier than you think.