COVID-19 changed the way we think about healthcare. Specifically, it transformed telehealth from an option into an essential offering that will long outlive the pandemic. So, it should be no surprise that the telehealth sector is already crowded with choices, from local providers trying to build their brand, to established telehealth platforms. This means simply offering telehealth isn’t enough to stand out. Providers need to use strong marketing tactics to promote their telehealth services as a distinct and valuable offering.

We’ve pulled together these resources to help you navigate this new landscape and market your telehealth services to potential patients. Feel free to jump around the content at your own pace. If you would like to learn more about Effectv and how we can help grow your business, CONTACT US today!

Telehealth Advertising Guide

In this guide, we capture the current state of the telehealth industry, what TV viewership looks like today, and some tips to help you tell your brand story to potential customers.

Telehealth Marketing Tips

You are investing in telehealth to support the needs of your current customers. So, what’s next? We’ve pulled together some helpful tips to help promote your business.

Success in Telehealth Marketing

We worked with BASS Medical Group to help connect with its community and convey how it has adapted over the last year. Take a look at what we learned. Download the Case Study below.

Telehealth Advertising Webcast

Watch our special In Focus webcast where we discuss how healthcare organizations can effectively market new and evolving telehealth services. You will not want to miss this!

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Ensure Your Creative Resonates

Through our extensive research with telehealth clients, a common theme we found is that marketers’ messaging and creative has changed over the last year. In fact, for providers that updated their creative, the effort paid off. Healthcare brands that tailored their creative for the pandemic saw an average lift of 37% in immediate website visitors after their ads ran, nearly three times the lift of those without updated messaging.

Take a look at what our award-winning creative agency, Mnemonic, created for a healthcare client looking to launch a telemedicine app as a way to quickly pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic.