The New TV

Submitted By: Michelle Boczonadi
February 27, 2020
This NADA Show was one of the most exciting in recent memory: great energy, strong attendance, standout speakers, and a showroom floor absolutely buzzing. As I was walking the NADA Show floor to speak with auto marketers from around the country, I encountered three recurring themes that will likely...
Submitted By: Jared Solow and Joe Alesi
January 16, 2020

We’re all different. Different strokes for different folks, right?
Brands have a general idea of who their target audiences are, but members of those audiences will intrinsically have different and unique needs and wants. While two different people could use an advertiser’s products, they...
Submitted By: Melissa Hutter
August 7, 2019
Instant IMPACT—Effectv's recently launched attribution solution – allows local cable TV advertisers to measure lower-funnel activity, bringing greater accountability to local TV advertising and ultimately allowing Effectv clients to help drive online purchases.
So how does it work?
By placing a tag...
Submitted By: Dennis Marshall
August 5, 2019
In this fragmented media environment, local businesses are looking for better ways to reach their potential customers.
Using data to implement “New TV” tactics such as eschewing traditional age, gender, and daypart-based media plans in favor of audience-centric plans is a great way to help local...
Submitted By: Andrea Zapata
July 31, 2019
Contrary to some headlines, TV is in its prime and only enhancing its position in the media landscape. In fact, television viewing across Comcast HHs is at a two-year high. Television remains a compelling advertising platform to reach audiences at scale with its quality programming and viewer...
Submitted By: Todd Hauser
June 12, 2019
For many years, dealers have reflexively thought about TV as news, sports, top networks, and primetime.
Although that is very effective when you are upper-funnel focused, the lower-funnel requires a different toolkit. It calls for a change in how you plan, buy, and evaluate TV.
We are in the first...
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