Washington State Department of Ecology


Residents in portions of western Washington State were at potential risk of having soil that was contaminated by a former industrial facility. To help residents in the affected areas understand the situation and what they could do about it, the Washington State Department of Ecology turned to Effectv for an awareness campaign reaching a specific geographic and demographic audience.


Effectv worked with the department to create a comprehensive initiative. Focused particularly on homeowners with children in two counties - with a distinct message for each county - the television and online campaign also included video-on-demand content, with two longer videos (produced by Mnemonic) educating viewers about testing their soil, preventing contamination and safe gardening. The online video advertising allowed viewers to watch the educational videos right from their computers and Effectv even created a landing page where residents could obtain more information, and the site was promoted in all advertising elements.


  • More than 5,250 video-on-demand views.
  • More than 7,700 click-throughs from pre-roll video advertising and more than 2,100 click-throughs from video in banner advertisements.
  • More than 2,000 leads obtained from advertising, saving more than $100,000 in direct mail costs.
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