What is "TV"?

Submitted by Chris McGinnis and Lee Singletary
February 5, 2020

Television was first introduced in the late 1920s and, since then, has evolved to mean much more than the single screen that brought the family together after dinner to watch a handful of shows. Today, TV means different things to different people. 

For some, TV is the big screen in the room where viewers watch their favorite movies or shows. But increasingly, TV is the act of watching premium, long-form content on the best screen available. As the concept of “TV” continues to evolve, there will be new ways to define it. 

For advertisers, TV remains the number one driver of brand awareness and a key platform for any marketer’s media mix. It’s why Effectv has the word “TV” in our new name. But how do we, as professionals, define TV in this new media ecosystem? Effectv conducted a consumer survey with Kantar to help answer this question.

View the infographic below to discover the findings. 

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What is TV

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