Three Ways Auto Dealers Can Take Advantage of ‘The New TV’

Submitted by Todd Hauser
June 12, 2019

For many years, dealers have reflexively thought about TV as news, sports, top networks, and primetime.

Although that is very effective when you are upper-funnel focused, the lower-funnel requires a different toolkit. It calls for a change in how you plan, buy, and evaluate TV.

We are in the first act of helping dealers understand how to grow their business through data and advertising technology in The New TV environment.

This week we released the Dealers’ Guide to The New TV, in which we discuss how data has enabled TV to become a full-funnel solution, moving beyond awareness to influence lower-funnel purchase behaviors.

We demonstrate how greater accountability goes hand-in-hand with this shift. Just as in digital media, TV advertising can be tied to tangible outcomes, both online and offline.

Here are three ways auto dealers can leverage this New TV landscape to reach their audiences more efficiently and generate outcomes:



Translate knowledge into data

All of this new data means auto advertisers can focus on both traditional upper-funnel tactics, to build the customer relationship, and lower-sales funnel tactics, to focus on driving sales by targeting audience segments in market to buy a vehicle. To make that shift, you must reach your target audience wherever they’re watching. It’s not so much about overall viewership of a given program, but rather a target audience’s viewership of a given program. Generally, this requires marketers to move beyond the top networks, dayparts, and programs that are used to build awareness.


Follow data to take advantage of all premium content

Utilize a cross-platform campaign to engage your in-market shopping audience prior to their online search to ensure they consider your dealership first. Tactics that are proven to maximize an advertiser’s reach include using a broader mix of networks, running schedules over a longer period of time, and using complementary video formats.


Make TV as accountable as digital – or more

Exposure to TV can now be tied to tangible outcomes, including online activity. Effectv's attribution capabilities allow an advertiser to measure website traffic before and after a TV flight, including lift in visitors within 30 minutes of its ads airing as well as during the course of the campaign. It’s all about discovering how your offline advertising is impacting online results.

Download the Dealers' Guide to The New TV to learn more about The New TV landscape.

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