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Submitted By: Kat Pilnick
November 20, 2020
We all know TV isn’t what it used to be. But what does “TV” mean in 2020? In honor of World Television Day, we’re taking a look at viewers’ opinions and the range of TV services available today.
Before we dive in, here’s what you should know about World Television Day.

About World...
Submitted By: Melanie Hamilton
November 13, 2020
Across the industry, advertisers look to sports programming to reach a live, engaged audience on television. Studies have shown that campaigns that incorporate live sports, on average, deliver more of an advertiser’s audience than those that don’t. And although 2020 has looked different for sports...
Submitted By: Brendan Jackson
November 1, 2020
From a global pandemic to raging wildfires on the west coast, there are numerous challenges affecting the automotive industry across tiers. Unique market conditions—that would have been impossible to predict—have forced automotive marketers to toss out their original 2020 strategies and find...
Submitted By: Mark Cheney and Chris McGinnis
October 9, 2020
In a world free of global pandemics and shelter-in-place orders, September wouldn’t typically be a month considered a peak time to enjoy your favorite sports. However, unprecedented times call for unprecedented viewing.
For the first and possibly only time in the history of sports on television,...
Submitted By: Brad Williams and James Rothwell
October 1, 2020
For dealerships across the country, car buying came to a halt at the start of the 2020 pandemic. Then, car sales —of new and especially used models—turned a corner, becoming a hot commodity as commuters moved away from public transport options. What’s more? Online auto sales are now booming as...
Submitted By: Lee Singletary
September 23, 2020

Digital Campaigns that Include TV Drive Stronger Advertising Results
Some marketers focus their advertising efforts on short-term sales activation through placement of video ads in digital environments like YouTube and Facebook. The issue? Less value being placed on long-term brand building and...