Effectv combines the best of digital with the power of TV, efficiently connecting marketers with the audiences that matter most. As a part of Comcast, a preeminent cable and broadband provider, we do this by bringing a unique combination of quality TV and TV streaming inventory, proprietary data, and leading technology supported by the highest quality, consultative service.

Effectv harnesses the scale and quality of Comcast’s first-party, deterministic data.

  • First-party data is information we collect directly from the Comcast customer base, rather than through a separate company. This includes set-top box viewership and ad exposure metrics.
  • Deterministic data is obtained from direct input; it is not modeled data. This can include a person’s name and address, email, or phone number collected through a purchase or registration form

Then, we layer on third-party, probabilistic data to further enhance and scale our models.

  • Third-party data, such as demographics, psychographics, interests, and purchase intent, is sourced and aggregated by a company that is not the original collector of the data.
  • Probabilistic data uses a subset of deterministic data to build a model to identify a larger targeted audience. Personas and lookalike audiences, for example, are probabilistic data

Next, we put this data to use.

  • Comcast subscriber data and IP addresses allow us to identify the right target audiences with greater precision.
  • Aggregate Comcast viewership data tells us what audiences are watching and what they’re likely to be watching next, informing more effective campaign planning.
  • We partner with industry-leading third-party vendors to measure attribution, proving the impact of our campaigns on our clients’ businesses down the consumer purchase funnel.

Inventory and Scale
As a part of Comcast, Effectv has scaled access to TV and streaming TV premium inventory pools.

As a true multiscreen TV provider, we give clients access to the highest-quality inventory of programming across live, on demand, and streaming TV – over-the-top (OTT), TV Everywhere (TVE), connected TV (CTV), etc. – across more than 60 markets.

As a video provider through Xfinity, we have long-term contractual relationships with TV programmers that guarantee us access to premium inventory from all major content owners.

On top of our scaled programmer multiscreen TV inventory, we have access to supplementary premium inventory through our extensive media relationships. This enables us to provide:

  • Access to more than 11,000 TV programs on 170 networks across all platforms and devices.
  • Scaled OTT inventory enabled by our TV programmer, virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs), and streaming services relationships.
  • National coverage in partnership with FreeWheel, our sister company that is part of the Comcast Advertising family.

Regardless of where advertisers place their messages, their ads will be alongside fully brand-safe TV and premium video content. There is no user-generated or pirated content.

We also ensure viewability and eliminate nearly all sources of fraud by delivering TV content to user-authenticated cable subscribers viewing through apps and websites.

We use leading technology to put our data and inventory advantages to work for our clients.

  • We use our leading tech stack to enable you to find, target, deliver, and report against your target audience across all screens.
  • We connect clients with target audiences using our data-enabled capabilities, delivering messages by full footprint, DMA, zone/ZIP, and household addressable.
  • We enable you to manage reach and frequency across multiscreen TV (live TV, on demand, and streaming TV) to deliver better campaign return on investment (ROI).

Together, our data, inventory, and technology serve as the backbone of our offerings. They power our abilities to find audiences wherever, whenever, and however they’re watching; to deliver advertising across content and devices; and to track and measure success. Overall, our data, inventory, and technology enable us to deliver full-funnel, multiscreen advertising solutions that produce measurable results.

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Growing your business is easier than you think.

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